Monday, September 28, 2009

Second Week In Review

Previous Week's Weight: 317.2
This Week's Weight: 314.8
Loss This Week: -2.4
Total Pounds Gone For Good: -5.2

I am very pleased to have lost 2.4 lbs this week! It's hard to believe that you can actually lose weight and not feel deprived at all. I dined out three times this week, had a small sundae from DQ and went to a movie and had some candy. It's just all a matter of making the right choices. At McDonald's I got the Mushroom Swiss Angus Burger without the mayo and asked for a packet of light mayo and drank diet coke instead of regular. At Max & Erma's I ordered the Hula Bowl Salad which is one of their healthy menu choices. At Chick-fil-a I ordered the chargrilled chicken sandwich with fruit instead of fries. I love eating out and am so glad I can still do that while following the Weight Watchers Points System.

As far as activity, I didn't get as much planned activity as I would like to, but I did take a walk a couple times and I cleaned one day and went to the mall one day. And of course I chase my 22 month old around when we play, so that gives me some activity.

My challenge this week is that my 5th wedding anniversary is Friday and we are going away for the weekend and will be dining out the entire time. We are going to a nice restaurant Friday evening and I do want to enjoy that meal without worrying about what I choose from the menu. So, I will allow myself to order what I want that night. I will just plan to save my weekly WW Flex Points for the weekend. As long as I don't gain next Monday, I'll be happy to just stay the same.


  1. Great Job Melody! Found your blog via your comment on DW. I know you can do this! Blockheads can do anything! The best piece of advice I got when I was dieting was "nothing tastes better than skinny". I never had a goal of really being skinny, just a healthy BMI, but I thought about that everytime I wanted to eat more than I should. If you have a an ipod and account, you should join a challenge. It was my exercise motive! Keep up the great things you are doing!
    Fellow blockhead

  2. Melody, the barbershop quartet idea is one that I would have lobbied for if we had not already ordered our costumes. I LOVE that idea! I wrote a post about them doing that someday a long while back. Hold on, let me see if I can find it.....Here it is, it was clear back in 2007:

    Anyway, I will pray for your quest to lose weight as I log off your blog. I have lost 30 pounds in the past year myself, it is TOUGH work! I love to eat!

    Brad Murray

  3. Thank you so much Brad for the prayers! I really appreciate it. And congratulations on the weight loss! Good for you!

    Maybe the boys can dress up like a barbershop quartet next year!


  4. Great job!!!!!!! You are doing really good and I'm super proud of you! Keep it up!!!