Thursday, September 17, 2009

Without reasons to inspire us to lose weight, we would never attempt to. Here are some of my reasons, which I like to remind myself of daily:
  • better overall health
  • breathe easier
  • feel more comfortable in public
  • feel better about pictures of myself
  • won't be consumed by thoughts of food
  • won't have to worry about limitations because of my weight
  • my son deserves a healthy mom
  • my husband deserves a healthy wife
  • more fit for vacations
  • others will be proud of me
  • I will be proud of myself
  • will no longer feel out of control
  • better appearance
  • lower blood pressure
  • my feet won't hurt
  • ability to do physical activities without being so out of breath
  • more self-confidence
  • nicer clothes
  • won't be a "fat Mom"
  • longer life
  • set a good example for my son
  • be active with my family
  • more energy
  • lower cholesterol

1 comment:

  1. Great List! Oh the shopping!!