Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's not all about the # on the scales

So, I weighed today since it's been a week since my last weigh-in when I decided to change my lifestyle. I stepped on, telling myself that "it's not about what the scale says, it's about how I feel." And, I feel pretty good. Much better than I did a week ago. Better physically and mentally. I don't feel as tired, hopeless, and negative as I did. That alone makes me very happy. But, as I stepped on and looked at the number, I realized I've lost 3 pounds! And I didn't even do it by "counting points," exercising like a maniac, or any strict diet plan. I just made much better food choices, listened for my body to tell me it was physically hungry, and walked my dog (and 2 year old) around the neighborhood some days. YAY! I can REALLY do this!

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